Nikita Kadan – The Spectacle of Unorganized Masses

Opening: Wednesday 12/12 2018 at 7 pm

13/12 2018 – 2/2 2019

Main Hall of the House of Arts

Nikita Kadan engages in contemplative art, tying closely in with the social circumstances and history of Ukrainian and Soviet culture. His objects – even if referencing extreme experiences – are devoid of emotional embellishment. Kadan exercises his activities on images, objects, archives, yet primarily on local 20th and 21st century discourses in a global perspective. In a quest for inspiration, he travels the world, explores literature, the Internet, cultural institutions storage and archives, and co-operates with groups of people representing a broad spectrum of political preference.

Curators: Monika Szewczyk, Michal Koleček
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Katarína Hládeková – She is Troubled by the Mountains

12/12 2018 — 2/2 2019

gallery 2
The exhibition will be open 12. 12. 2018 at 7.30 pm by guided tour of curator Adéla Machová.

n Katarína Hládeková’s work we encounter the focus on personal stories, tradition and family narratives. The author works with archive material, but instead of interpreting them mechanically, she connects them with the contemporary world and creates imagery of life in society. Katarína Hládeková’s exhibition “She Is Troubled by the Mountains” builds on her long-running research project “The Poetry Collection”. This series of exhibition projects realized by the means of visual poetry deals with the theme of homeland, which Hládeková observes from different perspectives. For the exhibition “She Is Troubled by the Mountains”, the artist chose a personal perspective, an inner point of view, which complements her existing exhibition projects contemplating landscape.

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