Zdena Kolečková – Panna a Orel

27. 4. 2023 — 29. 7. 2023
Artist: Zdena Kolečková
Curator: Jiří Černický
Opening: Wednesday 26. 4. 2023 at 6 p. m.

Zdena Kolečková’s (1969, Ústí nad Labem) solo exhibition, which is being presented on the domestic scene after more than twenty years, focuses on the reflection of the dynamic transformation of social paradigms, current geopolitical conflicts and individual feelings in the contemporary post-industrial and globalized information society through very topical works. The artist emphasizes the need for empathy, solidarity, cultivation, sustainability and responsibility in individual projects and within the exhibition as a whole. In doing so, she draws on the continuity of thought processes, expressive technologies and thematic levels that characterised her work in the 1990s. In this way, she returns in an arc to the roots of her own work, conditioned by feelings of lived enclosure and threat and at the same time newly enriched by the experiences and developmental parallels of recent years. Ancient fears are recalled in contemporary conflicts and crisis situations.

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Jiří Suchánek – Around

7. 6. 2023 — 29. 7. 2023

Gallery 3 / 7. 6. – 29. 7. 2023
Artist: Jiří Suchánek (CZ)

For Gallery 3 Jiří Suchánek prepared a sound symphony of cold materials, where concrete and metal define each other in a shared space (Around, 2023). He found this place on the industrial entrance ramp to the gallery. He surveys his chosen environment and mediates the structures of the surrounding world through personal sonic experience. He refers to the dormant sounds around us, the hidden resonances of materials that we only need to want to discover. In his works we can often find the connection of sound, light, sculpture, electronics, coding, always to a carefully chosen environment. He focuses on the moment of listening and is interested in specific places.

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