Soft object – Real feelings

21. 2. – 30. 3. 2019

Youth, emotions, desire for a better world ― the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts launches a new exhibition about the young generation facing the contemporary world’s problems

The exhibition has been curated by Václav Jánoščík and Martina Johnová.

Megan Clark, Romana Drdová, David Fesl, Kristýna Fingerlandová, Anka Helfert, Kateřina Holá, Amálie Hubeňáková, Jakub Jansa a Karolína Juříková, Marie Tučková, Jiří Pitrmuc, Anna Ročňová, David Střeleček, Anna Witt

The exhibition projects focuses on the figure of a (young) girl as depicted by Tiqqun (1999), Deleuze and Guattari (1980), and Witold Gombrowitz (1937). Yet the aim of the exhibition is rather to introduce the young generation of Czech male and female artists who, either deliberately or unconsciously, use the young girl’s figure as a lead for confronting nowadays problems, such as self-identification, online sharing of both pictures and ourselves, the almost perverse pressure on the picture of our body, consumerism on one hand and apathy, “pseudo-active” lifestyle, and the incapability to face current challenges on the other hand.


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