Marek Šilpoch – The End of Beginning

14. 4. - 20. 5. 2022


Šilpoch’s artistic expression is characterized by sensitivity to the number of contexts, courage and rascal humor at the same time. The inspiration can be found in the pioneer works of light-kinetic sculptures. Rather than sculptures or installations, Šilpoch creates light situations where the author’s intellectual intention gets close to the manipulation of the viewer. The exhibition The End of the Beginning creates a futuristic ecosystem interconnected with the author’s previous work, which is based on the deconstruction of found industrial lights and objects, fragments which Šilpoch assembles into new forms. Thanks to the intuition and specific emotional charge gained through his personal experiences, which are essential aspects of Marek Šilpoch’s works, it is not predictable.


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Strategies of Success

12. 5. — 2. 7. 2022

12. 5. 2022 – 2. 7. 2022
DUÚL Klíšská street

Opening: 11. 5. 2022 at 6 p. m.

Curator: Juraj Čarný


Artists: Maria Bartuszová, Anna Daučíková, Stano Filko, Miloš Laky, Ján Zavarský, Július Koller, Ján Mančuška, Stano Masár, Alex Mlynárčik, Ilona Németh, Roman Ondak, Tomáš Rafa

One of the highest career goals in the world of visual arts is to be reprezented in major international collections. Slovak art is increasingly becoming part of important foreign collections, but awareness of the success of domestic authors abroad is marginal. The exhibition STRATEGIES OF SUCCESS is a contribution to mapping the appreciation of contemporary Slovak visual art in an international context. In Ústí nad Labem House of Arts, stories of artworks that have attracted the international professional public to such an extent they have become part of the acquisitions of major public institutions will be presented from critical point of view. The exhibition will include a book critically mapping the process of international visibility of exhibited authors.

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International Museum Day of the Labe/Elbe Euroregion

DUÚL / Klíšská street

15. 5. 2022 (Sunday) → 10. a. m. — 4 p. m.

The Ústí nad Labem House of Art cordially invites you to the 45th International Museum Day. We open our doors to the public free of charge. Throughout the day, there will be guided tours through the exhibitions Strategies of Success and Marek Šilpoch — The End of the Beginning. There will also be program prepared for smaller visitors — an entertaining game called ART.

More information about special programs in individual museums and galleries can be found at
We wish you a day full of beautiful and cultural experiences!

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