Gallery Yoga

28. 6. 2022 (úterý) → od 18 hodin

Gallery Yoga with a professional coach, for adults and children.

The speed at which the contemporary world is moving can often seem unmanageable, sometimes even overwhelming. Many of us are looking for activities that oppose this speed. These are, for example, long walks versus driving a car, baking bread at home versus shopping in a store. It is also the subtle counter-exercises that slow us down and allow us to fully perceive ourselves. Yoga as a daily ritual. For awareness of oneself in relation to the whole: awareness of oneself as a part of the human community, as a small part of the Earth, as a mini part of the universe, as a micro part of all universes, as a part of infinity.

The coach will guide you through this “ritual” of yoga, where you can take a moment for yourself and look into the art of calm breathing, into the power of gentle movements. Let’s try to ask the question: What actually revives our body? What causes the movement of this wonderful instrument we call the body? What can all this power do to us? How can we regulate it? Welcome to a yoga class that will be gentle on your body and powerful to experience yourself.
Free entry. The capacity of this program is limited. It is therefore necessary to reserve a place by email at no later than Sunday, June 26, 2022.
Your own mat is an advantage.

Graphic design:
Jakub Filip Vorlíček