Aleš Zapletal: Giacometti Yoga

30. 9. — 3. 11. 2021 / Gallery 2


Artist: Aleš Zapletal
Curator: Kateřina Palešníková

In the Giacometti Yoga exhibition, Aleš Zapletal develops further ideas of his long-term project entitled “Permaculture“. Earlier phases of the project were presented, for example, in the NoD Gallery, the Potencja Gallery and the Měsíc ve dne Gallery. Author gradually reveals the geography of a “sustainable landscape”.

Permaculture, the philosophy of long-term sustainable natural farming, has been widely popularized since the 1970‘s. The main element of this movement — the agricultural area inhabited simultaneously by various plants and animal species is the central principle here, metaphorically applied to the pictorial area. Instead of natural communities, individual fragments of newly created pictorial ecosystems represent human artifacts —products of culture, not natural ones.

Newly formed structures are a speculation over permaculture in the sense of proclaimed “return to nature”. The idea of natural harmony is repeatedly exposed in the new cycle of paintings by the involvement of exclusively modern symbols (iconic typified figures of Gaicometti’s sculptures) in the context of alternative philosophies and spiritualities. Modernist figures practice yoga, the areas of concretistic images are Zen gardens.

Aleš Zapletal is currently completing his doctoral studies under the supervision of Vladimír Skrepl at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.