Łukasz Skąpski – Time Journey

Opening of exhibition: 5. 9. at 7 pm

6/9 – 13/10 2018

“Romanticism, which encourages variety, meshes perfectly with consumerism. Their marriage has given birth to the infinite ´market of experience´, on which the modern tourism industry is founded.” (Yuval Noah Harari)

In 2001, he co-founded the Azzoro Supergroup, an artistic group that played an important role in Polish artistic life as an “institutional critique” with an ironic look at art practitioners. In individual works, Łukasz Skąpski deals with video and photography, and the artistic development of the author has always been to some extent stimulated by his travel and residence abroad.

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Sylva Francová – The Grey Town

Opening: 5. 9. 2018 at 7.30 pm

6/9 – 6/10 2018


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The exhibition The Grey Town of Sylva Francová presents the artworks inspired by the Prague housing estate Jižní Město in which the author spent her childhood and a part of her life. “The housing estate has got deeply under my skin, I remember all the endless rows of windows on grey panels, concrete underpasses and pedestrian bridges, eerie ventholes from the tube, and the wind sweeping down the abandoned plains,” says Sylva Francová.

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