Sound reflections – Interference

1. 11. 2023 → Wednesday — from 19:00
(multifunction hall of gallery)


Concert of experimental music — gentle “noise” sound art by artist Daina Dieva (LTV), the sound sauna of conceptual artist William “Bilwa” Costa (USA) and the sound performance of artist Maria Komarova (BLR) — will provide an auditory experience.


Realized in collaboration with phonon~


Daina Dieva is a Lithuanian artist, performer, and video artist. She introduces the audience to an experimental project full of intricate sonic pathways – she listens to the whispers, screams, and chirping in this human world she inhabits. The fragile boundary between dream and nightmare is where her sound project begins and evolves towards one extreme or another.

William “Bilwa” Costa is an experimental / conceptual composer and artist based in Berlin. Incorporating elements of noise, drone, Musique concrète, sound and psychoacoustic research, Bilwa performs electro-acoustic listening sessions (or “sound saunas”) using sine-tones, un/natural field recordings, and feedback. He creates graphic scores which are inspired by architecture, time, and performance situations.

Maria Komarova is an interdisciplinary artist whose work straddles the boundaries of performance, scenography, sound art, and installation. By staging and technically transforming everyday objects, Komarova emphasizes the sonic and visual potential of the non-human world. She works with sound as a performative medium and continually develops DIY electroacoustic objects that temporarily occupy spaces of performances and installations.