Upcoming in Gallery 3

Gallery 3

Gallery 3 in the House of Arts in Ústí nad Labem creates an environment for the presentation of artists working with sound and spatial reflection. The space for presentation here is defined by a sound point prepared by the author – a place where one can listen, perceive intensely, share, or resonate. The offered basic format of listening through headphones brings both a moment of concentrated perception and a certain variability in the form of site-specific creation. Parts of the presentation can include sound installations, audiovisual creation, or sound mappings.

For the year 2024, we remain thematically connected with the moment of sensitive listening, whether to our external environment or internal landscapes, which often dynamically change. Sound exploration in the form of an artistic project becomes a study of space, which is used and shaped by humans to varying degrees or experienced with different intensities. The exhibitors will prepare a new work for the Gallery or possibly present current sound art creations.

The program of sound interventions for 2024 is curated by Adéla Machová and the artist Jan Krtička.