Marek Šilpoch – The End of Beginning


14. 4. – 20. 5. 2022

A graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Marek Šilpoch  works most often with light objects and medium of installation, for which he finds inspiration outside the scope of visual art, specifically in the context of design and factory furniture. In his artistic approach, the author works with his own experiences and his surroundings focusing on light and transparency. Often using glass, through the aesthetics of clean shapes and a minimalist color palette with an emphasis on textures, Šilpoch creates his fragile installations.

The work of Marek Šilpoch represents a special sculptural tendency, which the author develops in an experiment with recycled industrial elements, glass and light using subjective appropriation of aesthetic and formal trends of the art world, but also with the ambition to exceed it.

Šilpoch’s artistic expression is characterized by sensitivity to the number of contexts, courage and rascal humor at the same time. The inspiration can be found in the pioneer works of light-kinetic sculptures. Rather than sculptures or installations, Šilpoch creates light situations where the author’s intellectual intention gets close to the manipulation of the viewer.

The exhibition The End of the Beginning creates a futuristic ecosystem interconnected with the author’s previous work, which is based on the deconstruction of found industrial lights and objects, fragments which Šilpoch assembles into new forms. Thanks to the intuition and specific emotional charge gained through his personal experiences, which are essential aspects of Marek Šilpoch’s works, it is not predictable. Author’s imaginative openness and metaphorical expression give him the opportunity to immerse himself in the light situations he has created and to project his perception through them.

Marek Šilpoch (* 1992) is a visual artist dedicated to recreate old industrial lights into new light objects adding new components. Šilpoch graduated from a bachelor’s degree in the studio of Graphic design and visual communication led by Rostislav Vaňek, which he followed up by studying in the Glass studio of Rony Plesl. His artistic expression meets a deep reference in both fields.


Kristýna Hájková, curator of the exhibition