Jan C. Löbl – Looking for 20´

29. 9. — 30. 10. 2020 / Gallery 2


Artist: Jan C. Löbl
Curator: Adéla Machová

Exhibition of textile designer Jan C. Löbl presents newly processed patterns, swatches and decors from the early 20th century created in factories in Krušné mountains which have become inspirational material for authors‘ wallpapers. Visual imprints of specific textile memory are layered, combined, digitized and viewed from other perspectives not only thanks to new technologies, but also through controlled error being manually distorted by the author during the printing process. Gallery 2 space is filled with specific pattern-map that you can observe from the neighbouring empty white room, from above or outer space through a glass window. Using digital overlap, segments of the past are being confronted with the presence, the original found designs and sample books are hazed towards their new transformation.

The solo exhibition of Jan C. Löbl who is a doctoral student in Visual Communication at the Faculty of Art and Design at JEPU shows creative approaches used in his dissertation (guided by prof. Zdena Kolečková).


Jan C. Löbl is designer and lecturer leading Fashion and Textile Design Studio at Faculty of Art and Design JEPU in Ústí nad Labem. He is currently completing his doctoral project L O O K I N G based on textile and clothing history of Krušné mountains. In cooperation with regional museums, he explores textile identity of the North Bohemian region by creating authorial reports, rasters and digital flatprints which he uses in his designs for his own fabion collection and production Löblhof&Artgrund — Design from the North. He designs and realizes costumes and sets for Kašlar Theater,Činoherní Studio Theater in Ústí nad Labem, Theater 6-16, Polárka Theater and Moravian Theater Olomouc. Jan C. Löbl graduated from Fashion and Textile Design Studio at Faculty of Art and Design JEPU in Ústí nad Labem. Since 2001 he has been organizing regular art symposium in the middle of summer —

photoreport from opening