Artur Magrot: OBĚ-ŽIVO

24. 4. – 27. 7. 2024

Art has a complex relationship with power. On one hand, it can serve as a means of propaganda and maintaining the status quo, while on the other, there is a long history of subversive art that focuses on the critique and deconstruction of dominant ideologies and social norms.

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25. 4. — 27. 7. 2024

Every spring, nature comes alive with the song of birds, and this year is no exception, as the Art House in Ústí nad Labem resonates with it. The international exhibition project with a Czech-German focus was jointly prepared by Pavlína Morganová (head of VVP AVU) and Petra Stegmann (director of Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven), combining diverse artistic views on birds from the perspective of conceptual and action art, sculpture, video, as well as performance and drawing from the 1960s to the present.

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Nela Bártová – Ohrwurm

20. 3. — 1. 6. 2024

The composition ohrwurm by multimedia artist Nela Bártová reflects the environment of the spa town of Karlovy Vary. She is interested in the moment of concentrated perception, in this case the urban environment, which is co-defined by the element of nature, thermal water. In order to capture this unique environment, the artist used an improvised hydrophone to record the sounds of water and a geophone (a contact microphone that senses vibrations in the ground). She composed both recordings into the currently presented composition in Gallery 3, and accompanied the sound installation with the author’s poetic texts.

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