Lidová škola umění – Jan Merta and with him Jasanský – Polák

14. 9. 2023 — 25. 11. 2023

openning 13. 9. 2023 at 18:00
Gallery 1
Artist: Jan Merta
Curator: Michal Koleček

The city of Ústí nad Labem is often viewed as having no significant influence on the development of contemporary art, but, closer examination many interesting connections that, at the very least, challenge this notion. Jan Merta, one of the key figures of contemporary Czech painting, was born in 1952, and his story illustrates how, both in the past and present, this city situated on the cultural periphery has provided important impulses for the artistic growth of undeniably creative personalities and has thus helped shape the greater art scene in general. The exhibition Jan Merta’s School of Folk Art, which is being hosted by the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts, is based on memories from the artist’s adolescence, a period of time spanning from 1966 to 1972, during which he lived in the city, as well as from frequent visits with his parents, who lived here too until 1989, as Jan’s father, Hynek Merta, was as a pastor in the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren.

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Jakub Tajovský – A Sight Detached from the Observer’s Body

14. 9. 2023 — 25. 11. 2023

Gallery 2
Artist: Jakub Tajovský
Curator: Adéla Machová

An experiment in a painting is how the creative work of contemporary visual artist Jakub Tajovský (born 1991) can be defined. He has long been working on the technological possibilities of image construction and pushes the limits of the painting surface into space. His works are characterized by textures and masses of paint. He often uses a robot (called Malbot) that he has created and programmed to apply paint. This results not only in paintings, but often in object or site-specific installations. For Gallery 2, Jakub Tajovský has prepared a series of works with a landscape theme. He visualizes the night sky and natural phenomena, creating a new whole – a scene that can be called a diorama.

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Jan Krtička – Towards Seydisfjördur

14. 9. – 25. 11. 2023

Gallery 3
Artist: Jan Krtička
Curator: Adéla Machová

Space and sound – two elements that Jan Krtička (1979,) has been focusing on in his artistic work for several years. He reflects the environments created by them in various thematic projects, from sharing personal experience, through environmental issues to social aspects. In a newly prepared project for Gallery 3, Jan Krtička explores and processes the soundtracks of the Icelandic town of Seydisfjördur and its surroundings. What does nature itself sound like where we live? And how is the landscape shaped by man’s active intervention in various ways?

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Artist talk: Olia Fedorova 

Artist talk: Olia Fedorova
8. 11. 2023 → Wednesday — from 17:00

Presenting the work of artist Olia Fedorova (UA), as a part of the artist residencies for the project, Gardening of Soul: In Five Chapters.

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