D. Andrew Stewart: Jimmy Raps

od 18 hodin

hudební performance
21. 2. 2018

21/2 2018

Music Performance from the cycle Sound Reflection 

The new audiovisual composition of the contemporary Canadian composer is based on the lively translation of the literary text into an electroacoustic composition with visualization. D. A. Steward uses various instruments for the scientific measurement of biosignals and physical sensors (3DoF accelerometer and gyroscope) for gestural sound control. D. Andrew Steward is a contemporary composer, pianist and digital audio player player.

Illusion of Design

Opening of exhibition: Wednesday 14/2/2018 at 6 pm

15/2 – 17/3 2018

The basic impulse that gave birth to the exhibition Illusion of Design was a simple question: Where does fine art end and applied art start? A question the answer to which even the artists themselves often look for. We approached the youngest generation of Czech designers, the students of the ateliers of design at Czech Art Colleges and Universities and then picked the artworks that stand on the imaginary border between functional design and fine art. Artworks too personal for industrial production but still with a certain design vision. More than fifty students from six colleges and universities from all over the Czech Republic registered their works. The final selection presents an overview of approaches, methods, forms or materials used. The exhibition gives the viewers the opportunity to get their own idea of the contemporary art design.

Pavlína Adášková, Ilona Dragoeva, Barbora Dvořáková, Zdeňka Fusková, Jan Grabowski, Kristýna Horáčková, Daniel Kinský, Kateřina Kobrlová, Tomáš Krejčí, Kateřina Kučerová, Jakub Neufuss, Kateřina Rydlová, Nikol Rýdlová, David Sivý, Jitka Ticháčková, Kryštof Vitner, Ivana Zuskinová & Lenka Mlynarčíková & Matúš Opálka

Curators of exhibition: Adéla Machová & Dana Zikmundová

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