Soundscape Composition as Context-Based Creation

A series of seminars by Canadian professor Barry Truax (in english language) – over 3 months you will learn about the creation and history of acoustic ecology and current trends. The course, entitled Soundscape Composition as Context-Based Creation, will offer deep insight into the diverse ways in which environmental sounds are processed.

Context-based creation can include, but is not limited to, sonifications, phonographic use of field recordings, site-specific installations, and abstract soundscape compositions based on real or even imaginary spaces. All seminars will include a theoretical online lecture and collaborative listening of selected pieces on an 8-channel sound system.

The course will take place every Wednesday at 19:30 in workshop space at the House of Art Ústí nad Labem FUD UJEP in the months of January, February and March 2024.

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10. 1. Soundscape as concept and terminology
17. 1. Introduction to the World Soundscape Project
24. 1. Approaches to soundscape composition (spatial perspectives), Found sound (phonography) and abstracted practices and techniques
31. 1. Historical precedents (Ruttmann, Koch, Schwartz, Ferrari, Braun, Orchard, WSP)
28. 2. Barry Truax, multi-channel soundscape works
6. 3. Soundscape and Acousmatic approaches mixed
13. 3. Narrativity; Text and gender-based approaches
20. 3. Voice and Text-based approaches, continued
27. 3. Other artists (Monacchi, Wagstaff, Burtner, Leonard, Barclay, Proy, Polli. DeLaurenti)
3. 4. Other artists (Claudio de Pina, Peter Manning, Chris Rolfe, Jacek Smolicki)