Parter: Reinvented Area of Masarykova Street

5. 8. — 18. 9. 2021 / Main Hall DUÚL and public space


Artists: APART, Jan Boháč, Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová, Laura Fiľáková & Robin Seidl, Vojtěch Groot, Antonín Jirát

Curators: Martina Johnová & Iva Polanecká


Art can be a significant character for social changes — therefore we aim for temporary activities of DUÚL to be able to reflect the current situation of the given area and to open and promote free discussion concerning urban spaces within participatory processes at the local level.

Following the exhibition Parter – Neglected Area of Masarykova Street, where we tried to open the story and history of this locality and its inhabitants, we return thematically to the public space of the parter. The genius loci of this place, where we spend much of our time, motivated us to grasp the wider context of public space this time. We focus on forgotten contexts that we gradually uncovered from memories and stories. The seemingly objective approach to the past opened up opportunities for ideas about certain places through the collective and individual memory of personalities who give them specific value.

In the form of art installations, discussions and happenings, the exhibition seeks to emphasize the importance of public space and its functionality for its inhabitants. This time we want to focus more on the devalued and questionable areas of the parter space, which have the potential to become full-fledged parts of the social and cultural life of not only the local population. With a series of temporary as well as permanent site-specific installations and happenings, selected visual artists will try to outline possible future development of these places, to revive and cultivate them. By searching for the identity of the area, the artists respond to its problems and underlining its local value. One of the ambitions is not only to point out shortcomings, but also to drop a discussion and outline new solutions or directly initiate steps for change. This urban acupuncture could stimulate positive changes in public space. Art that enhances the quality of a place — The place that strengthens the meaning of art.

The focus of artistic interventions is based on direct experience with actors in this locality and discussions with experts. Selected initiation topics include: memory, the city and its adaptation to change, space for weirdness, commercialization, urban regeneration and gentrification, the continued preference for private interests. One of the goals of art in public space is not only to revive public urban spaces, but also to culturally educate society and confront it with artistic principles.

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