OPEN CALL – Your Story of the Year 2020


deadline: 27. 2. 2021


The year 2020 is certainly a very special year. All over the world, we will probably all remember this time of so many uncertainties and surprises for the rest of our lives.

Within the exhibition project „Everything’s Changed — Nothing’s Changed“, Italian artist Hannes Egger would like to ask you about your strongest experiences of this year. Tell us your own story that symbolizes this year in your eyes. You can write it by hand, e-mail (, text message (+420 702 217 042) or any social media channel (Facebook or Instagram). You can also throw your written story directly into the box located in front of the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts, where you will be able to read the stories of other writers as well.

Your letter will become part of Hannes Egger’s exhibition, as long as its content accords with the values of the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts. The anonymous publication of your letter will take place in the gallery and its surroundings, as well as online on our website and social networks. Selected stories will also be interpreted by invited artists — actors, musicians, dancers or visual artists —, recorded on video and presented directly in the gallery or online. Selected letters will become part of the forthcoming book, which will be a kind of record of unusual year 2020.

In return for your letter, you will receive a work of art in the form of an original silk-screen printed poster or a t-shirt “Everything’s Changed — Nothing’s changed” by Hannes Egger.

Send us your 2020 story in any of the ways mentioned above until February 27, 2021.

Thank You!