Marija Mandić: July 32

28. 1. — 27. 2. 2021 / Gallery 2
Opening: WED 27. 1. 2021

Artist: Marija Mandić
Curator: Adéla Machová

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/Adéla Machová/

About the artist and her actual art work wrote prof. Zdena Kolečková (full text see in the leaflet):

Based on the memories of her family members, this Serbian artist, living and working in Prague and Novi Sad, went to the places of their former homes originally spread within the former Yugoslavia and now located in several Balkan states. The questions she asked herself at the beginning of her artistic research were related to the above-mentioned intersection of general history, specific events and the destinies of particular people who participated in them. At the same time, in the participatory dimension of the task for her relatives to draw a situation plan of their original house, she monitored the degree of accord between the current situation, historical reality and the projection of their memories or ideas. 
The visitors of the exhibition are left to decide whether, after viewing the installation, they find connections with their own broken family ties and forgotten historical contexts. The author has no doubt that it is necessary to humbly listen to the past and have an open dialogue with it.
/Zdena Kolečková/

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The exhibition is the outcome of the student grant project Balkan Trail UJEP-SGS-2019-46-003-2 supported by the Grant Board of UJEP.