Live modular performance

28/11 2018

As part of the cycle Sound Reflections cycle in the House of Art, we are preparing an audio workshop by artist Radek Rudnicki and Maho Cwejman (Japan, Syntheesiser designer) to end with the evening concert of Radek Rudnicki and Maho Cwejman, who can also participate in the workshop students.

The workshop will be in English at 2 p.m.
and is primarily organized for students.

The concert is open to the general public at 7 p.m.

The entrance is free.

Modular Synthesis workshop is focused on use of modular synthesis and sound design for multidisciplinary projects, linking art and science and new media including 3D video mapping. This includes discussion on industrial design of synthesisers and the use of newest prototypes and ground breaking Eurorack synthesiser modules from key manufacturers including Cwejman, Industrial Music Electronics, Erica Synths, Orthogonal Devices, Make Noise, Abstract Data, AJH Synth among others.
Workshop on modular synthesis are for participants of all levels and include historical context, patching techniques, as well as interactive hands on use of the hardware equipment in the studio and in live performance setting. Workshop gives students insight into working with music and audio content. During workshops free and open source tools and solutions are recommended. Participants can try the techniques in the comfort of their own home/studio.