22. 4. — 26. 5. 2020


Artists: Aujik, DUNA, Andreas Gajdošík & Barbora Šimková, Filip Hauer, Dalibor Knapp, Bjørn Melhus, Pavel Mrkus, Matěj Pavlík, Lucie Rosenfeldová, Zbyšek Semelka, Zdeněk Svejkovský

Curators: Martina Johnová, Jan Nový, Kateřina Palešníková

Project “Inhabitated” oscillates between exhibition and thought experiment. Contemporary visions of modernity and progress, unexpected switching perspectives and potentiating connection with natural processes through technologies represent the central line connecting partial topics. In these days world full of matters of course and definiteness might this stretching correlations project offer revision of relating to the technologies. Invisible but omnipresent, technologies can evolve into new dominant forms and teach us higher sensibility for fading borderlines between natural and artificial. Persuasion that we are in control is ambivalent. We try to study our bodies through data collection in virtual space. We tend to treat the world as it would consist of two mutually incompatible spheres, society and nature. The nature is very influential within social relationships but humanity remains deeply alienated to the nature at the same time.

On-line exhibition will introduce the work of eleven international artists. On the opening day it will be activated on its website preciously at 6PM CET. There will be three artistic interventions during the exhibition and accompanying program — Zbysek Semelka’s live stream, interactive game by Andreas Gajdosik and Barbora Simkova, and screening of artist/activist group Duna’s video. Zdenek Svejkovsky will also run his processual internet project on the website during whole exhibition time.

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