Freiluftkino Glückliche Einsamkeit


21. 6. 2021 (Monday) → 8 p. m. – 12 p. m. 


Composed evening of Austrian experimental films at Ústí summer cinema. The event is an echo of Ústí nad Labem House of Arts exhibition called Amazement — Just the Right Size of the Window to Nowhere and Somewhere that took a place in the spring.

The program will start from 20:00 to 00:00 (total of whole screening is 76 minutes (1 and half an hour) and it will run 3 times in the row.


Kurdwin AyubLOLOLOL 
Hans SchabusAtelier 
Michaela TaschekDoppelgänger
Johann LurfCavalcade 
Veronika Eberhart9 is 1 and 10 is none 

◾️ Veronika Eberhart is a visual artist and musician based in Vienna. In her research-based practice, she seeks ways of formal mediation of her work through a transdisciplinary approach to video, sound, performance and sculptural installations. Eberhart uses various media to communicate conceptual problems with the sensitivity of feminist and artistic practices with the touch of art history.

◾️ Sixpackfilm platform organizes the distribution of Austrian films and video art in Austria and abroad. Their current catalog contains more than 1900 titles, including historical classics of the Austrian film avant-garde →

⚠️ We would like to politely ask the visitors to pay attention to increased hygienic measures and to maintain sufficient mutual distances. Thank you.

We look forward to you!