DUNA – Adaptus 9. 19

19. 5. 2020 at 17:00 CET.


Ústi nad Labem House of Arts invites you to check out new interactive project from the activist group DUNA within accompanying program to INHABITATED online exhibition called Adaptus 9. 19 

Interactive project is also accessible from INHABITATED web platform —

Are you bored alone? Is stagnation and degradation coming within lack of consumption and external stimulus or do your identities fail? Who are you without clothes? You develop methods of consumption and creation that define your seemingly unique identities. Why are you tired all the time? Can you adapt to the world you have created around yourselves? You are using digitalization to extend human abilities. Is it digital emancipation or alienation what is coming? Can you domesticate other life forms? Not only thanks to the use of virus and bacteria, you can change your DNA. Could self-modification be really a moral project? Destruction and creation are connected — are we 100% human?

DUNA is a project focussing on the issue of relationships between living organisms and their environment, social relationships and global problems of anthropocene. In their work so far, the inspiration reaches reality they experience themselves, including the augmented one, which blends speculatively into the sci-fi genre with elements of mystification and exaggeration.

DUNA (Lenka Balounová, František Svatoš, Ladislav Kyllar) feat. Vojtěch Polák