Freiluftkino Glückliche Einsamkeit

21. 6. 2021 / 8 – 12 p. m.


Composed evening of Austrian experimental films at Ústí nad Labem summer cinema. The event is an echo of Ústí nad Labem House of Arts exhibition called Amazement — Just the Right Size of the Window to Nowhere and Somewhere that took a place in the spring.

The program will start from 20:00 to 00:00 (total of whole screening is 76 minutes (1 and half an hour) and it will run 3 times in the row.

We are looking forward to you!

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The More Profiles You Have, The More of a Person You Are

Opening: 19. 5. 2021 (4 – 7 p. m.)

20. 5. – 3. 7. 2021


The exhibition project presents the topic of perceiving a virtual identity. We understand virtual identity as a dynamically changing medium of interpersonal relationships within electronic communication between individuals and, at the same time, also as a tool used to create social ties between the Internet users. The environment of the virtual world has become a working, learning, hobby-pursuing and shopping space, and that is not just because of the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the limited possibility of any physical interpersonal contact, we have become passionate users of the Internet and have been developing countless profiles — possibly diverse identities. We ask ourselves whether today an individual loses their identity or, on the contrary, whether they develop and adapt their identity to the rapidly changing opinions and tools of the society. The curatorial selection provides space for diverse interpretations and approaches to the topics related to virtual identity. This allows an interesting selection of works of art to be displayed, in terms of both their content and form.

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Michaela Labudova – Present Absence

20. 5. — 3. 7. 2021


The exhibition focuses on formats and media used in the graphics industry as carriers of the message. Michaela Labudová’s site-specific project takes place in a gallery space as well as public spaces of the city and focuses on identity in visual communication. The initial visual void contrasts with meaningfulness of images and words and with purposeful effort to address potential customers and to communicate.

In her graphic work, Michaela Labudová focuses on typography, corporate identity, book design and illustration. Since 2007 she has been a member of graphic group Monsters, which in 2013 prepared installation called Room for gallery GASK in Kutná Hora. Michaela Labudová is studying for a doctorate in Visual Communication at the Faculty of Art and Design at JEPU, where she has been teaching long term and since this year, together with Pavel Frič, she has been running the Visual Design Studio.

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