Beyond Stereo: Creating Immersive Audio-Visual Experiences with Ambisonic Sound and Semi-Indeterminacy

11. 3. 2023 (Saturday) → at 2 p.m.  

Doctoral Research Realization

Beyond Stereo“ is the realization of Barry Wan’s Ph.D. research, focused on the use of ancient Chinese numerical systems. Specifically, the celestial stem (decimal cycle) and earthly branches (duodecimal cycle) in spatial music composition, sound diffusion, and video structure development with semi-indeterminacy strategy. Barry Wan is studying at FUD UJEP under the tutelage of doc. Mgr. A. Daniel Hanzlík. It includes audio-visual installations, sound installations, live electronic music performances, and audio-visual performances. These make use of Ambisonics with speakers placed at different angles and elevations to produce 3D spatial sound diffusion. The audience will perceive an imaginary space within a full-sphere, high-definition speaker dome combined with projections.

Audio-visual installation (fixed media, 5 min in loop): 14:00 – 18:00
Sound installation: 18:15-18:30
Audio-visual Performance: 18:30-19:00

Special thanks:

Supervision of doc. Mgr.A. Daniel Hanzlík
English Proof reading Katelyn Bouska
Teochew percussion sampling Lau Fuk-kwong


About the artists:


Barry Wan

Barry Wan is a diverse musician, Czech-based composer, sonic artist, and guitarist. His music and research has been performed and published in 21 countries including: USA, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Czech Republic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Currently, he is teaching and completing a Ph.D. degree under the tutelage of doc. Mgr. A. Daniel Hanzlík at FUD, UJEP. He also lectures intermedia studio at the Anglo-American University. He is the president of the Swedish art organization Föreningen Musikspektra T.


Daniel Vlček

The painter and musician Daniel Vlček (1978) focuses especially on the artistic combination of sound with his personal visual expression. He visualises a record of sound, vibration, and its expansion in space in subjective pictures, where the emergent shapes are often reminiscent of technical drawings of sound waves. The themes of his works often have to do with researching ecosystems. In recent years he has been fascinated by the world of mushrooms and mycelia, and its significance for our planet. Daniel Vlček is a member of the Guma Guar art grouping and a co-founder of the Prague galleries Berlínskej Model and Ferdinand Bauman Gallery. In the role of curator, he has prepared two group exhibitions devoted to reflection of sound in contemporary visual art (16-20,000 Hz, Meetfactory, Prague, 2013, with M. Vojtěchovský; In the Beginning Was the Silence, Pilsen City Gallery, 2014). He is also engaged in original music production, appearing in the electroacoustic duo Ba:zel, and solo under the name Relaxcore. Daniel Vlček is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.


Petr Hanžl

Petr Hanžl is a Czech new media artist. Currently he is living and working in Teplice Peter studied in Time-based media studio, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Usti nad Labem led by Daniel Hanzílk and Pavel Mrkus where he graduated from the Bachelor and Master‘s Degree. His work mainly focuses on human-technology relationships and their symbiosis examined through immersive interactive audiovisual installations, based on generative visuals using audio and sensors as source data.